1. Ivan

    Drilling or Rolling to improve?

    Hi guys I was hoping I could get some advice for improving my BJJ. I am currently struggling in understanding how to improve my BJJ. When I worked on my boxing it was fairly simple; I would take one technique or one footwork drill and practice to exhaustion or perfection. But it's a little...
  2. Ivan

    How do you spar someone who is faster than you?

    I was at my local kickboxing gym and I feel that I have made some improvement in terms of being more aggressive in sparring. However, one of the instructors that I spar with is considerably faster than me - given that my main tactics when it comes to sparring are to outbox and rely on punishing...
  3. Ivan

    Criticise my boxing

    I have just been training with my friends as it was a nice day outside and I have two clips of me doing some drills. I was hoping I could get some criticism on my technique. I am the guy in the red tank top. The first video above is a drill of me doing some head movement, specifically...
  4. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Partner Drills

    Do you practice Partner Drills like this when you learn WC? In this Video Sifu Robert is using Side body along with facing.
  5. K

    Exercises for speed and agility

    Hey all, I'm just getting back into the competitive scene and need help on drills and workouts I can do to improve my kicking speed and overall agility. Also if y'all have any great stretching routines I'd love to hear those too!