1. D

    Is it possible to lose skill from learning too many styles?

    By that I mean, let's say you are comfortable with your knowledge of martial arts, but you want to learn something new just to stay active or compete in tournaments. Is it possible that one day you get attacked, and you find that you don't instinctively use the skills you were comfortable with...
  2. A


    Search out in Youtube a video about Russian Krav Maga. It looks beyond belief. And I have a question, of course. Does it work and exist in reality or Krav Maga is applicable only for videos? Wanted to start Krav Maga but I'm not sure if it is not just a waste of time. Especially, for girls...
  3. Shakya

    Grappling takedown - back of head wide open?

    Since we know already that it is illegal to strike the back of the head in MMA bouts, and of course in wrestling competitions, does this mean that this is the 'chink in the armor' for grapplers in truly martial contexts? As the doctor and karate enthusiast in this video explains, strikes to...