bo staff

  1. E

    Looking for a Place to Buy a Competition Bo

    (For context, I'm using my bo for tricking, and I'm not worried about contact.) I've had a pretty nice graphite bo from Century for a while, but now that I'm getting better and I'll be going into bigger tournaments soon, I would like to find a genuine competition bo. The biggest thing for...
  2. D

    Tapered vs Straight Bo Staff

    So I'm looking to get a new Bo Staff, but I need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which any you guys prefer and why?
  3. D

    What size B to get

    Hey guys, What size Bo staff should I get. Im around 5ft7
  4. D

    I Need Help With A Bo Staff

    Hi everyone! I am 17 and want to learn to fight with a bo staff. Unfortunately, I learned all that I could from youtube and it is not that interactive. I was wondering if there would be willing to Facetime and teach me a few things or if anyone knows someone that could help. I can't enroll at...
  5. snake_monkey

    Bo Staff Training Vlog (Demo)