1. P

    Hey Im new here!

    Hey Everyone! I just got into blogging and wanted to share it here and see what yall think Black Belt Writer A dojo for a Black Belts thoughts Im also new to doing forums so this is all really exciting for me. Thanks for having me!
  2. Kenposcholar

    What do you want in a MA blog?

    What would you like to see in a martial art blog? I'm a professional physicist & also have been studying American Kenpo for nearly 15 years. What kinds of topics do you find lacking from other blogs that my profession could help with? I've been considering making short reads about principles...
  3. L

    Paper Hanging

    On Testing and Students I often get asked, as a martial arts instructor how long someone spends at a certain rank. You see, for students working their way through the Kyu/Gup (Colored Belt) ranks, we traditionally test the student when we feel they are both mentally and physically ready. So...