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    Boston area in-person Xingyi quan?

    I live in the Boston area (Somerville, Massachusetts), and wondering if anyone knows of any Xingyi instructors in the greater Boston area that are teaching in person, or advice on other places I could try looking that are somewhat Xingyi-adjacent, such as Bagua, Bajiquan, etc? I've done a lot...
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    Some Liang BaGuaZhang Application

    I've start to post some applications to the Liang BaGuaZhang DIngShiBaZhang or Fixed Eight Palms. I will try and post once a week on my youtube channel.
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    I went and played with the local aikido guys nearby.

    Approaching an Art with an Open Heart I had a really good time. Haven't done breakfalls in a while. My body is sore in a good way but my shoulders are going to hate me at xingyibagua practice later. I hope you enjoy what I wrote.