1. WhiteBeltNoStripe

    ATA Diamond in the Rough?

    I believe I may have stumbled upon one of the rarely seen "good" ATA schools here in Central Florida. I've been out of training for quite some time, though always looking. I've recently decided I'm not getting any younger and decided it was time to get back in a dojo. I contacted the school...
  2. WhiteBeltNoStripe

    Jacksonville, FL

    I'm being relocated to Jacksonville, FL and am looking for a new school to train. After an hour or so of internet searching, I'm really no closer at finding a school I'm interested in. This surprises me as Jacksonville is a huge city and there are hundreds of schools, but nothing is standing...
  3. WhiteBeltNoStripe

    What school?

    Unfortunately, I live in a city where the selection of schools is limited. The three "larger" more structured schools are an ATA Karate for Kids (with a busy adult class), a Villari's Kempo and a CNS (Chuck Norris System) school. Personally, I prefer structure in my life and feel structured...
  4. memory1179

    WTF Kukkiwon Dan holder to ATA Dojang?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am thinking of restarting Taekwondo and I would like to ask some questions and gain some advice from you. I have a Kukkiwon Dan certificate from South Korea. I was trained before during my youth in a WTF Dojang (Dojo) and during my military service there as my unit...
  5. L

    What style/organization?

    For those of you who practice/Teach Tae kwon do, which style do you use? I didn't see a polling option, so I thought I'd ask. I'm pretty sure it's obvious by my posts what style I partake in (kukkiwon), but what about the rest of ya?
  6. Breaking Allen

    A Long Hiatus, and a Rewarding Comeback

    Hello to those who read this, I'd like to take a moment and say hello. My name is Allen Towe, and I first started my life in Martial Arts at the age of 7 (if my memory is correct) with my father's decision to enlist me at a local ATA (American Tae-Kwon-Do) school. I pursued hard practice until I...