1. J

    John from Holland i do Ng Ying Kungfu and Fitness

    Hi there, I am John and i live in Holland. Wanted to look at this forum to learn and connect with fellow martial artists. If it is TMA or Combat Sports i find it all interesting. I myself am married and have one child who is doing Judo practise. I myself did much martial arts training in the...
  2. KimBjjTaiChi

    Chen Tai Chi martial arts form by Laura Bonthuis

    Laura Bonthuis is my girlfriend and a Dutch martial arts practitioner. Besides martial arts she was a very good Badminton player and won many tournaments and titles. She practised full contact kickboxing under a famous Dutch teacher Wim Scharrenberg ( brother of Koen Scharrenberg a Kyokushinkai...
  3. KimBjjTaiChi

    Hello my name is Kim

    Hello my name is Kim Bergen I live in the Netherlands and i study BJJ (still a white belt) and i practise Tai Chi with my best girlfriend Laura Bonthuis from Apeldoorn. I am.just a beginner but Laura is truly amazing at Tai Chi will post a link of her later so you the "martial arts experts" can...
  4. Douwe Geluk

    Tai Chi video of Wu Wei Cup 2018 Germany

    Wu Wei Cup 2018 in Hamburg Germany This is a Tai Chi video of Tai Ji team the Netherlands at the WuWeiCup 2018 in the City of Hamburg in Germany (deutschland).Team Douwe Geluk and others from Holland: