1. Ivan

    I had my shot and I failed

    Hi guys. As you know I have been working towards joining a specific boxing amateur team for a while, improving as much as I can. They had tryouts today and, well, I didn't make the cut. I drove a mate home, who was also in the tryouts (he did make it) and though I was dejected, I thought I could...
  2. Ivan

    My lack of amateur fighting experience is impacting my confidence

    Hi. As many of you know, I am mainly self-taught, especially when it comes to boxing. Although I have been to gyms with coaches, that would sometimes give me snippets of advice, I never had a coach that would give me the time of the day. I've been hoping that I would come across a coach who...
  3. Kaspow

    Beginner, please give tips and advice

    Hey guys so I bought a punching bag and I've been hitting it for about 2 months now and I thought why not post a video and ask for some tips from more experienced fighters. So please give me some constructive criticism, tips and advice.
  4. L

    Looking for a martial art to learn (Muay Thai)

    Hello everyone, I've been wanting to do a sport for a long time now, and martial arts really stood out to me, specifically Thai Boxing or Muay Thai. Purely for self defence, perhaps competition later on. So I looked around for some Muay Thai schools near me and found a few good ones. I will...