1. C

    Difference between ninjutsu and Jujitsu-related arts

    Greetings! I hope you are well. Some people might have met me in another forum, where I asked a question about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu. Here, I will ask a question more specific to ninjutsu. Beforehand, I want to say that I have read the pinned description and FAQ about ninjutsu...
  2. C

    Questions about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu

    Greetings! I'm looking to get back into martials arts. I am looking for something not competitive, but rather very oriented toward self defense and real-life scenarios. I want something generalist, such as jujitsu. As long as it is effective in real-life scenarios. My wife might also want to...
  3. kitkatninja

    Reflection of 1st class of Aiki-Jujutsu

    Well, (carrying on from a previous thread) a friend and I went for our first class of Aiki-Jujutsu. It was interesting, the class itself wasn't big - there was 5 regulars (this included the instructor), 3 weren't able to attend - so a good size. After introductions, a brief history (most...