Yahoo: White welcome Gomi, won't rip Aoki for postfight antics

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    01-04-2010 07:45 PM:Being around boxing and mixed martial arts Dana White has seen some pretty nasty stuff. The UFC president heard about Shinya Aoki's outburst at Dynamite! 2009 but it didn't surprise him. He brushed it off saying these things happen in the fight game. One wonders though what would've happened had Aoki been fighting in the U.S. and pulled a stunt like that?

    It looks like Aoki may be headed for Strikeforce, the UFC rival promotion in the U.S. Meanwhile during his Friday vlog, White introduced another Japanese star Takanori Gomi (4:39 mark) as a recent UFC signee. Hardcore U.S. fans have clammered to see Gomi in regular action in the states. He fought Nick Diaz in 2007 and lost but he was also out of shape for that fight and gassed quickly under the pressure of Diaz's fast pace. Conditioning has been the biggest factor recently for Gomi, who is just 2-2 since 2008. The 31-year-old has been hanging around UFC events for the last year and finally made the move after working at a U.S. gyms according to USA Today's Sergio Non:

    "I'm getting to the age where I'm peaking physically, and training at the AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) Gym recently was a great motivation to make bigger changes in my career," the 31-year-old Gomi tells

    Gomi, a lightweight, will be thrown right into the mix of the UFC's top 10 at 155 pounds. White was asked about Kenny Florian as a possible opponent. There's no doubt Gray Maynard, Tyson Griffin and Frank Edgar would all love a shot at Gomi as well. He did fight B.J. Penn back in 2003 but isn't looking for an immediate rematch:

    "I'm not looking that far ahead," Gomi said. "For me, right now, the goal is to become the UFC fighter and to fight in front of the fans here."

    White also discussed losing Satoshi Ishii to a rival promotion in Japan. Ishii, the 2008 heavyweight judo gold medalist, signed with Sengoku. Instead of buidling Ishii, Sengoku threw him right in with veteran Hidehiko Yoshida during Dynamite! 2009. He lost a close decision. White said he advised Ishii to sign with the UFC but he was offered too much money to pass on. He said there was also pressure to sign in Japan suggesting that anyone who leaves is labeled a traitor and feels pressure from the Yazuka. White has talked about the Japanese mafia's role in fighting before:

    "We had plans for Pride, we were going to do Japanese shows, but the mafia runs that place and it is very hard to do business over there," White said during the UFC 89 Q & A. "They basically killed the brand."

    Check the end of the White video where he also talks about M-1 fighters Fedor Emelianenko and Gegard Mousasi. A simple statement ( mark) that he's still interested in those guys turned into a bit of a firestorm today. That coupled with a tweet from a phony account masquerading at M-1 chief Vadim Finkelchtein got the MMA internet all jacked that a co-promotion deal is imminent. M-1 executive Jerry Millen told's Josh Gross there has been zero conversation.

    Yahoo! Sports.
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