Yahoo: What's your favorite WEC 47 photo?

Discussion in 'MMA News' started by Clark Kent, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Zuffa's yearly trip to Columbus always produces a smorgasbord of photo opportunities. The Arnold Fitness Expo is quickly becoming an MMA meeting place second only to the UFC's Fan Expo. The Governator came through for a photo with MMA stars (Joe Lauzon, Mike Swick, Pat Barry, UFC girl Chandella Powell, WEC girl Brittany Palmer, Donald Cerrone, Anthony Njokuani) signing autographs.

    Snookie showed up and found her favorite -- lots of muscles (not going to call them juiceheads). Some lady was handing out cookies to the media. Our old favorite, the effervescent Natasha Wicks, a former UFC ring girl, was wearing a leather bustier. Somewhere, Jason Miller found Cro Cop Coop. And Josh Koscheck held a photoshop contest. Aren't you glad the peeping tom took Kos out of the Liddell naked workout video?

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