Yahoo: TUF 9 alum Reid on Brit's Celebrity Big Brother

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    Ask legendary British MMA writer Gareth A. Davies who the biggest success is in the history of U.K. MMA fighting, we bet you he doesn't get the correct answer. It's not Michael Bisping, Dan Hardy, Ross Pearson or Paul Daley. Alex Reid is the man hands down. Sure he was knocked off season 9 of "The Ultimate Fighter" in the round of 16, but since then life has been a whirlwind for the 34-year-old mixed martial artist. He became an overnight icon in the U.K. when stole Katie Price from Peter Andre. Now he's part of the cast of Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K. and banking 175,000 pounds for his efforts.

    Reid (pictured on the left in his bra and panties) is joined by American "celebrities" Sisqo, Stephen Baldwin and former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. Fireworks are expected between Reid and another one of Price's ex's Dane Bower. Those two allegedly scrapped last week at a New Year's Eve get together in Surrey.

    The show debuted on Sunday to 6.2 million viewers. That matches roughly biggest audience to ever see The Ultimate Fighter in the United States. Even more impressive considering the U.K. population is only 62 million.

    Former soccer player Vinnie Jones is also on the show. He should be familiar to American audiences having played in Guy Richie movies Gone in Sixty Seconds, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, where he played Bullet Tooth Tony.

    You can bet on the show. Reid is an 8-to-1 choice.

    Reid lost in the entry round to Dean Amasinger on TUF 9. I wonder if he feels like he missed out on a golden opportunity?

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