Yahoo: This Brit isn't coming: Writer says dump Toney

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    03-09-2010 09:55 AM:[​IMG]The reaction on the James Toney signing has been mixed in the United States. Many of think, it's a good promotional move and if matched correctly Toney has a shot to do a little damage. Matched incorrectly, against a Randy Couture, and the old boxer may get destroyed and embarrassed because of a lack of takedown defense and grappling skills. Gareth A. Davies, who covers MMA for the U.K.'s Telegraph and serves as an insider on's MMA Live hates the Toney signing across the board.

    I thought it was ridiculous then, I still think so. Toney is out of shape, has no MMA experience, and is two steps down from the signing of Kimbo Slice last year. Yes, Slice drew viewing figures, but don&rsquo;t expect him to be anywhere on the landscape 12 months from now.

    A strong take by Davies. The problem is that he contradicts himself by describing the exact scenario that makes Toney intriguing and one that will open lines of debate for months.

    Toney, 41, has a 72-6-3 (2 no contests) record that includes 44 wins by knockout. I reckon they&rsquo;ll look to match him with the likes of Randy Couture&hellip;trouble is he could knock Couture out.

    Why is that trouble? It makes for a great promotion. Sounds like our buddy is Gareth is so much of an MMA convert, that he's now interested in protecting the sport. Come on G!

    The discussion in the Telegraph's comment section backs up why the UFC rolled the dice on Toney.

    Commenter Adabesi:

    With the money going out of boxing it is only a matter of time before a boxer goes into MMA and becomes a champion. They have great hands and chins which is something almost everyone in MMA doesn&rsquo;t have.

    Signing Toney just opens up the gates for the other boxers to come into MMA and it is a great move by the UFC. We have been asking the question of what will happen when a great boxer gets in the ring since Royce first won UFC 1, it is time to start finding out the answer.


    Could&rsquo;nt agree more with you on Toney. Anyone know what that mma guy with no legs and hands is doing lately ? What about Muhammed Ali, now Dana could sell some tickets there !! Dana was &lsquo;ambushed&rsquo; ? Jaysus, so now we know that every boxer/circus clown/wannabe &lsquo;ardman can &lsquo;ambush&rsquo; and harass the president of a billion dollar organisation called the UFC and potentially get a fight ? Dana should just admit that it was based on preventing &lsquo;Strikeforce&rsquo; getting him and he can make some money out of it at the same time


    I think it is a business decision rather than a genuine, good signing.
    I hope toney gets choked out, and I&rsquo;m sure he will&hellip;.. He will spend so much time on his back he will forget how to walk to his corner between rounds.

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