Yahoo: Swick says only a title fight would make him consider fighting teammates

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    Mike Swick is a good friend to Josh Koscheck. So much so that he's stepping in at UFC 109 for his fellow welterweight and American Kickboxing Academy training partner, and will attempt to avenge Koscheck's only defeat of 2009. If Swick beats Paulo Thiago this weekend it leaves him, Koscheck and Jon Fitch all waiting in line for a shot at the champ Georges St. Pierre. But they won't fight each other, a fact that irks UFC president Dana White, who says it's not baseball or football, and the fighters shouldn't look at it personally. Swick said they won't even broach the topic until one of them has the title.

    "All of us were created at AKA. We're not like a lot of other camps where top fighters moved in when they already had a successful career," Swick told Cagewriter. "We've all been built from the ground up and it creates a bond, and we are very close."

    Swick says they can't win for even talking about the scenario so why bother?

    Yahoo! Sports.
    Cagewriter is an MMA blog edited by Steve Cofield.

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