Yahoo: Strikeforce missing out on important group of fans: the drinkers

Discussion in 'MMA News' started by Clark Kent, Feb 1, 2010.

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    02-01-2010 12:09 PM:[​IMG]Like many MMA fans, I've enjoyed quite a few fights from drinking establishments. When funds were running low, or I wanted to enjoy the fights with a group of friends, I'd head to the Tap Room, Brudder's, Buffalo Wild Wings or any of the other bars that have earned the reputation as fight-friendly to watch the UFC and both Affliction shows.

    That option is not as readily available to fans for Strikeforce fights. Reader Jon Anderson said that he had a hard time finding Saturday's fights anywhere, and I had a similar experience when I was out of town.

    In my case, I was in Columbia, Mo., home of the University of Missouri. Tyron Woodley, a Mizzou grad, was headlining a Challengers card, and a group of Mizzou wrestling fans who were in town for a match wanted to see Woodley fight. I called 12 different bars. Not one had Showtime, so not one of us saw Woodley fight.

    Showtime and Strikeforce should work together to make fights available for bars to purchase, and both fans and Strikeforce should annoy encourage bars to buy the fights. This benefits Strikeforce in both the short and long runs.

    Casual fans will be able to see more of Strikeforce's fights and get hooked. Who wouldn't want to watch Strikeforce again after watching Robbie Lawler's unlikely KO win from this weekend, or the epic bout between Josh Thomson and Gilber Melendez from Strikeforce: Evolution?

    Though their CBS show was a hit in the ratings, Strikeforce needs to stay top of mind with fight fans and make themselves more available. Letting their fights make it to a bar television screen is one way to do that.

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