Yahoo: Hardy video: Comedy gold or poking fun at GSP too much?

Discussion in 'MMA News' started by Clark Kent, Mar 4, 2010.

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    03-04-2010 09:15 AM:Cage Potato described Dan Hardy's latest video as an attempt to "piss people off." Wrong my friends! In this tribute to the wrestling singlet (and legends like Jerry "The King Lawler), Hardy makes fans of out of shape, hairy pro wrestlers very proud.

    Please Nick Lembo, allow Hardy to don his sweet blue singlet in New Jersey at UFC 111 against Georges St. Pierre.

    On a side note, what a job of acting by his mates at Team Rough House. A little advice, if you're going to clown the strengths of your opponent and suggest that he's one-dimensional why not go all out with the comedy? Dean Amasinger suggests that he was injured during a Hardy sprawl. Wearing a mega-cup a la GSP would've been a nice touch.

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