White Crane?

Discussion in 'Chinese Martial Arts - General' started by TSDTexan, Sep 22, 2019.

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    While I see a lot of wingchun in this at the beginning, towards the end, I see a lot of fujian white crane /bahe quan methods.
    Was wondering if anyone here who is fluent enough to tell me more about this sifu.

    watching the video was a masterclass, and I learned alot, even though there only about 15 words I understood.

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    The "switch hands" (at 0.46 of the previous clip) is a very important CMA principle (not sure if boxing has it). This is why CMA guys like to put strong side forward. When you throw a jab and your opponent blocks it, after using leading hand to pull your opponent's blocking arm (punch and pull), you will have 2 options:

    1. Punch with your back hand.
    2. Use your back hand to take over the arm control. You then punch with your front hand (switch hands).

    Is 1 > 2, or 2 > 1? Should you put your strong hand backward, or should you put your strong hand forward? This can be an interested discussion.123
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