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Discussion in 'Schools / Instructors' started by daredevil, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. daredevil

    daredevil Guest

    www.ben-ali-gym.nl what do you think of this new site ???
  2. Paul Kerr

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    Looks good, but there's NOTHING there that actually says what type of gym you have. OK, so it's obvious that it's a kickboxing gym but some basic info would be nice.
    For the rest, nice layout.
  3. daredevil

    daredevil Guest

    it will be soon in english.
    we hope you like it , when we are done!!
    when it is done i will post it ok?
    we are a kick-boxing school in holland you
    now remy bonjasky???how can i post foto
    from remy on air-port whit his k1 title?
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    Sorry guys ... but "New Things on Martial Talk" is about this Board and what is new on this Board, like hardware, new forums, etc. It is not for new schools, arts, instructors etc. Don't be surprised if this thread disappears and reappears in the Schools / Instructors thread in the near future. It is being referred to the Admin team.

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