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Discussion in 'Beginners Corner' started by marca_uk, Dec 30, 2010.

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    I am looking to take up Muay Thai Boxing in Manchester, England.

    1) Can anyone recommend a gym to train at in this area?

    2) I was reading up on some websites yesterday, and they were saying Mondays were Boxing Techniques, Tuesday were Knee Techniques, Wednesdays were Kicking Techniques etc. Does this mean I need to go to all sessions to actually train to competitive level? Or can I go to one-to-one traning sessions and get it all covered in one session a week?

    3) I work Tuesday-Friday in the evenings, so I am only available Monday nights to one intensive session a week enough to get good enough to compete or am I going to have to try and get a few sessions a week before work?

    Any advice on this, and any other areas for a beginner looking to take up Muay Thai (cost, equipment etc.) would be much appreciated!


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