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Discussion in 'The Competitive Edge' started by Headhunter, Jun 5, 2017.

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    So I haven't competed in martial arts for about 10 years obviously since I'm to old to get punched in the face but since I'm now grappling I thought I could give it a go.theres a tournament in December in my area a king of the mat tournament and it's submission only so I wouldn't have to worry about being out pointed and since it's in December that's a good amount of time to train. Not saying I'd win or anything or even place for a medal but hey why not just give it a go at the very least it'll give me a chance to roll against people from a different school.
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    My favorite part of competing is something I don't think many people think of - the preparation. My training gets a lot more focused - focused on my strengths and weaknesses. When I'm looking to compete, I really try to improve the things I see potentially beating me. And I try to sharpen the things I think will help me be successful.

    We all have weaknesses. Training for competition gives me a sense of urgency to focus instead of "I'll work on that next time" and putting it off. And there's the sense of urgency to get in shape rather than being able to say "I'll get serious about conditioning next week."

    Competition makes me better, and forces me to do it in a specific time frame. I need to compete more, even if it's just point fighting and I'm almost 41. When I'm training for a point fighting tournament, I don't train for the ridiculous light tap backfist-reverse punch; I train like I did when I fought knockdown. That's probably why I've never been the most successful point fighter, but I'm more than ok with that :)

    Training to compete makes me better and forces me to stick to a time frame.123

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