KT:Stance Set 1 and 2 Origin, History, Myths, Logic, Rumors and Applications

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    Stance Set 1 and 2 Origin, History, Myths, Logic, Rumors and Applications
    By Kenposoldier01 - 11-03-2014 04:50 PM
    Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk



    0. What is Stance Set 1?

    1. When was Stance Set 1 created and why?

    2. What is the history of Stance Set 1 from its origins to Dec of 1990? (Did it undergo any changes and why or why not)

    3. What myths/rumors or politically motivated stories have you heard about Stance Set 1, for example "Stance Set 1 was created by X and stolen by Y" or "The real way to execute Stance Set 1 correctly was only taught to my teacher Master Soandso, few people knew that you had to keep your _____ while you execute it"... basically I am interested in any stories any of you may have heard about Stance Set 1 even if they are obviously politically motivated in the sense of favoring a particular association or Kenpo Senior.

    4. What applications if any have you learned/discovered in Stance Set 1, what value if any do you place on practicing it yourself?

    Now please replace Stance Set 1 with Stance Set 2 and apply the same questions, Thank You in advance for sharing your knowledge, insights and opinions.


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    Stance set is an isolation of the footwork from the Offensive techs. :)123

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