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Discussion in 'KenpoTalk' started by Clark Kent, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Cutting Down On The Material
    By MJS - 09-17-2010 10:57 PM
    Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk


    In another thread I started, about the Kenpo extensions, Mike (Flying Crane) made the comment about cutting down on the amount of material in the system, to something more workable.

    I've had some very good and IMO, productive discussions with Mike via PM, and I think that more times than not, we're both on the same page. I've also had discussions with my teacher on this very subject.

    IMO, there are too many techs. Hundreds of techs, many of which are redundant, and in many cases, people fly thru the material, not really knowing it.

    So, to me, it would make more sense to take the most common street attacks, take a Kenpo tech that addresses that attack, and make sure the tech works, make sure that you know it inside and out, outside and in. Of course, you always have your basics to fall back on, should you need more options.

    Kata...there is alot of useful stuff in there. I dont go as in depth with it, like some people do, but if you look at whats there, you have a number of techs right in the kata. However, I dont think that you need as many as we have.

    So instead of adding a ton of new techs for each belt level, and having to worry about the students add to the growing list, have a condensed list of things that the student can do effectively, rather than 100 or more things that they may not be doing well at all.



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    Yeah, I don't teach the extensions as requirements ever.... I do have other material but I have also re structured (as per the web of knowledge and order they were meant to be taught) the technique curriculum. And while many have done the same I do believe that mine is unique, not that that was my goal just made the most sense to me. So I would agree that more is sometimes to much, but some take away too much and most or a lot don't understand what is really necessary to bring up a "good" black belt/karateka. I also don't teach all of the sets as requirements, I do teach them but I only use them as warm ups for class and we do them every now and then, so the student still gets the material just not as a requirement for a particular belt. And for some they get a set ahead of time and some may not get it until later... just depends on when I work it with the class and who is there that night.

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