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    Aug 26, 2016
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    So I've been researching different kenpo guys and I was looking up speakman and I see a lot of hate towards him from other kenpo guys I don't understand why. He seems like a decent guy and I very much like his kenpo 5.0 taking ed parkers kenpo and adding grappling offence and defence into his system as well as more stuff on how to deal with a boxer type attack as opposed to just a thugs attack. I believe what he's doing is what kenpo should be doing and ed Parker wanted kenpo to do to keep evolving with the times something a lot of practitioners don't do. If I had kenpo 5.0 in my area I'd absolutely do it.

    Maybe that's why he's so unpopular the fact that he dared make changes to the kenpo style but yeah I was shocked looking around in sites like kenpo talk with how much hate he gets. In lee wedlakes book lessons with ed Parker he states that he didn't want to promote Jeff to black belt and argued with ed Parker over it...
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    I don’t have any personal animosity toward him, I don’t know him at all.

    I did attend one of his seminars once, and I was thoroughly unimpressed with what he showed us that day. The material struck me as completely divorced from reality.

    The other thing that was a turn off for me was that it seemed to me he was on a mission to build an empire, but he didn’t want to just teach quality stuff and let his reputation grow naturally through doing good work. Instead, it seemed like he was trying to actively recruit, and build his empire without doing the good work necessary.

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