I really enjoyed this Wing Chun teacher

Discussion in 'Wing Chun' started by TaiChiTJ, Oct 29, 2018.

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    I actually really liked the OP's video. A rarity for me as I grow older and more crotchety.
    The bit about when you push in this relaxed state, you're using your whole body as one...cool visualization.
    I had to look that up... I just kept thinking about Frank Zappa and his huskies. The reality was even less palatable. Thanks for making me even more crotchety, Geezer....;)

    In truth I don't think John was treading into those rancid waters. We all know that muscle engagement is complex concept for beginners and if using terms like "internal" and "forward gravity" helps him get these ideas across, more power to him. Of course, there will always be the occasional student who gets a little too enamored by that seductive 'chi' idea and then it's up to John to make sure he comes back to Earth.

    As to whether his relaxed state will hold up to a genuine onslaught of power, I'll hold my tongue until I feel his hands myself. But I'll assume that his 'relaxed' is not the same as limp and his structure can absorb deflect and bypass power to the side.

    Very well said!
    And all these athletes manage to get to the peak of their form without ever learning to channel chi, but just by training well and hard.
    Not that I'm opposed to the concept of chi, I just think it's something for experienced masters to discuss between themselves; those who understand that what they are feeling on the inside is a consequence of dedicated training not some mystical quality that can be marketed to unsuspecting minds.

    Crotchety out!
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    IMO, this should be the goal of any martial artist, regardless of style.
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