How to organize a March on Washington

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    why i love primary historical sources: (thanks Dr. Edgar)

    plans for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
    Read it.

    A visionary and practical people.
    "why we march' (pg 4)

    "Despite this Crisis, reactionary Republicans and Southern Democrats
    in Congress are still working to defeat effective civil rights legislation. They
    fight against the rights of all workers and minority groups. They are sworn
    enemies of freedom and justice. They proclaim states rights in order to
    destroy human rights. The Southern Democrats came to power by disfranchising the Negro.
    They know that as long as black workers are voteless, exploited, and
    underpaid, the fight of the white workers for decent wages and working
    conditions will fail. They know that semi-slavery for one means semi-slavery
    for all." (pg 4)

    and bring: FOOD: We urge all marchers to take 2 box lunches-one for midday,
    one for supper. These box lunches should be kept simple and balanced.
    Exclude perishable or spoilable foods-no mayonnaise or salads, for example. We suggest:

    peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

    an apple or other fruit
    a brownie or plain cake
    a soft drink.

    A word of advice. You can help relieve pressure on these facilities by
    taking good care of yourself:
    1. Get a good night's sleep the night before.
    2. Take advantage of rest facilities en route to Washington.
    3. Be kind to your stomach-don't eat or drink the wrong foods in the wrong quantities.
    (pg 10)

    in honor and remembrance for all the named and unnamed.
    Oh Happy Day
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    In Pain
    Finally somebody who learned from history

    many a battle was won or lost due to discomfort in this particular it lack of food or dire need of facilities closer to the battle grounds...123

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