Having problems viewing clips? Some troubleshooting tips.

Discussion in 'Members in Motion' started by Bob Hubbard, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Having problems viewing clips?

    Some troubleshooting tips.

    For viewing Quicktime files (.mov) be certain you are running the latest version of Quicktime. You can get the latest version at http://apple.com for free.

    For viewing MPEG files (.mpg and .mpeg) be certain you are running the latest media viewer for your operating system.

    For problems with AVI files:
    - Be certain you are using the latest version of your OS's media player.
    - Make sure you have the audio and video codecs you need to view it. (Theres a gazillion of these, so if you have problems, post about it here and we may be able to track the fix down for you.)

    Video Viewers
    Windows Media Player: You can get it here. Windows/Mac
    WinAmp: http://winamp.com (Windows Only)
    Linux Users: Try Tucows[/ur] for numerous video viewers

    Another resource you can use is this:

    Each video has an associated audio and video codec. (Thats the thing that does the decoding). If you are missing it, you will have problems.

    You can use a program called G-Spot to analyze the file and see what you are missing, then use the free codec site to locate it.

    Gspot: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/GSpot.htm

    This is one of the most complete codec packs out : http://www.free-codecs.com/download/XP_Codec_Pack.htm
    It should solve numerous display problems.

    Please note: Adding these incorrectly may cause problems with audio and video display, so please read the information carefully.

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