Good broadsword to use for partner training

Discussion in 'Chinese Swords and Sword Arts' started by KempoSpirit, Oct 20, 2018.

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    Hi all,
    Does anyone have any advice on what type of 'metal' broadsword to use for light partner training?
    Hard to tell the weight from the catalogs or web site, LOL.
    Probably looking for a more Chinese Dao style vs a longer thinner type.
    Thanks, in advance.
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    Couple of questions for you: I’m not sure what you mean when you say “more Chinese Dao style vs a longer thinner type.” Most people in the West mean the Chinese Dao when they say Broadsword in reference to Chinese martial arts. There are some different variations on the dao, however. The wide blade is an oxtail, while a more narrow shape, almost “katana” in shape, is a willow leaf. There are also other variants like the horsecutter, nine-rings, etc. I’ll going to assume you mean the oxtail because it is the most common, but please clarify.

    Second, what do you mean by “partner training? Is it two-person forms, or some kind of other drills or a more open sparring?

    You could use any kind of weapon including combat-grade sharp weapons as long as it is durable and YOU HAVE THE APPROPRIATE CONTROL AND PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT to ensure you do not injure or kill each other.

    However, you might start with a lightweight wooden weapon before you use metal. Even a lightweight metal blade can be sharp simply because it is thin. Wood is thicker and ought to have rounded edges, it can still injure but if you are keeping the training light, the wood is less likely to cut even if you get bruises.

    More importantly, I hope you are doing this under the direction of a good Sifu, so the real question comes down to: what does he recommend?123
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