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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by Bob Hubbard, Jan 9, 2004.

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    So you want to be a moderator?

    We regularly receive requests from members asking about becoming a moderator here. We always tell them the same thing: "We will keep you in mind. Best way to earn the position is to be an active member in that forum, adding in good content, and avoiding the 'flames'. " We look for individuals who can become a leader in a forum to moderate it.

    With the recent staff changes, and in order to grow, MartialTalk will be looking for some new staff members soon. Here are a few guidelines on what we are looking for, and what is required of you as a MartialTalk Moderator:

    Maturity - Can avoid the 'flame wars', and deal with criticism and pressure.

    Knowledge - Knows their area of moderation well.

    A frequent visitor - If you can't commit to being on at least 4 days a week, being an MT Mod is not for you.

    Willingness to help others - Answers questions, seeks out information, directs them to their solutions.

    Communications Skills - A moderator must be able to communicate well. Typos, misspellings happen to everyone, but "huked on fonix" just won't cut it here. :)

    A frequent poster - This isn't the 1 word 'yups', smiley wars, or such. Being a regular poster of good questions, answers and such is a key point to being a mod. This ties into other parts of this list.

    Be a Leader - Develop the reputation on being the "go to guy/gal" in an area. Help keep things on topic in threads, and help build an area up.

    Be Web-Savvy - We require that our staff be thoroughly familiar with the forum software from the members-side. We also require they be as web-savvy and experienced in using technology as our community visitors might need or are willing to learn.

    Additionally, we request all staff to:
    • Help recruit and advertise the site (not spam advertising) to get people to know about the site. This includes a prominent link back from your own websites, positive behavior while on other boards, and acting in a net-friendly manner. Learn Netiquette.
    • Set an example of what a member should be like. This includes steering threads back on topic, helping out newbies, having patience, being a leader and a problem solver, not fire starter.
    • Don't be a "yes man".
    • Leave the "political" agendas at the door. While staff can be involved in the running of schools, organizations, etc, MartialTalk is not the battleground to determine supremacy. We do not accept Heads of Organizations / Systems / Arts as staff. This is due to 2 issues mainly, impartiality and obligations. Most 'heads' are too busy to put in the time to be an effective moderator, and the political issues run deep in some groups. 'Heads' interested in helping out may be considered for the Advisory Board, and should contact me if interested in joining.
    • You must be able to follow a plan. MT has its own internal system on how to respond to issues in a professional manner. This must be followed.

    Basically, if you constantly are involved in flame wars, only show up on occasion, don't really understand much of your own art, or seek to push your own groups agenda, you aren't going to be made staff here.

    Now, someone might say "Bob, some of that doesn't fit you." You'd be right. Its my goal to bring onboard moderators who can out perform me in these areas. I want the best on board here. :)

    We are -not- accepting any requests for moderators between January 1, 2004 and January 31, 2004. We will have an application online 1st quarter 2004 for those interested in becoming a moderator here.

    Thank you.

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