Budo Camp 2012 - Omaha Nebraska Sept 21-23

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    I can't believe it is that time again! in one month is Budo Camp 2012. see www.budocamponline.com

    Held in Omaha, Nebraska, BudoCamp brings in teachers from around the country - including in past years Dr. Dave Crouch and this year, again, Dr. Ron "Doc" Chapel!

    Also some really great teachers of Karate, Kyusho Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu, Kempo, Aikido and Systema.

    So if you come to BudoCamp you will get to experience Kyusho jitsu (pressure point applications), Systema, and Sub Level 4 Kenpo all in ONE WEEKEND. Come to BudoCamp and get some first hand experience with them! (and lots more, like some live blade tamishigiri cutting, massage and accupressure therapy, and other stuff)

    It's a really great camp, ask Dr Crouch he'll tell you how much he enjoyed it - the spirit of sharing and ego-free zone... with hitting and joint-locking and stuff.

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