Benjang, West Java folk wrestling

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    It's been mentioned several times in this sub forum, and accidentally I found this in Youtube.

    It is originally made in 1914/1920/1921 in Bandung, influenced by European wrestling brought by the Dutch.
    Benjang is a broad term for performance art. In one full show, benjang divided into two parts, the art at noon, and the sport at night.
    the art, in simple term divided into two parts, the "magic" show and entertainments art.
    the sport part, divided also in two parts, the pushing competition (using head and shoulder, try to push opponent out of the boundary), and the fight part.
    the video is about the fight part, which has simple rule like in general grappling rule.
    The point given when the opponent land on his/her back.
    It started usually by someone started to dance on the ring/mat challenging the audience, when one of the audience went up and they start to dance, if one of them chickened out, he/she can go out of the ring, if no one back down, then they can fight.
    Here is the example of the real benjang bout:

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