Baji Quan/ Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling)/ Whip Staff in Shenzhen, China

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    About the instructor: Mr Leng Xuguang

    Mr Leng is the chairperson of Latvia Tongbei Wushu Association and student of Tonbei Martial Studies. 10+ years of teaching experience in Russia and Latvia has given him the opportunity to train top class athletes that excel in martial arts/ combat events ranging from Russia to Europe.

    What we look for in students: Good conduct, mutual respect, honesty, courtesy, humility, college-educated students are much preferred

    Syllabus: Baji Quan/ Whip Staff/ Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling)

    Time of training (Negotiable):
    - Wednesday/ Thursday night (Baji Quan/ Whip Staff)
    - Sunday night (Shuai Jiao)

    Venue of training: Futian, Shenzhen

    Language of instruction: Mandarin Chinese/ Russian (University level Cantonese and English translator can be arranged)

    - Students have to prepare their own Shuai Jiao robe
    - One free trial class can be arranged
    - Please wear comfortable sports clothes to class

    For details, please find me (Mr Leung).

    My Contacts:
    Phone +852 69073178 (Hong Kong number)
    QQ 1348259849
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