A withdrawal, and an endorsement

Discussion in 'Bob Hubbard For President - 2004 Archives' started by Bob Hubbard, Oct 21, 2004.

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    Land of the Free
    I would like to thank those people who have given me both feedback, support and motivation in this experiment in politics. Considering the theoretical nature of this 'candiacy', no concession speech is of course needed, but I wanted to uphold tradition.

    So, I am withdrawing from the pseudo election at this time and placing my full support behind the man who I believe can make a difference as president.

    I hereby endorse Libertarian Candidate Michael Badnarik for United States President in 2004.

    Regardless of everyone's agreement or disagreement with my own views, I ask, no, I beg you to please, get educated, take a real look at the dozen individuals running for this great nations highest office and vote. Vote with your heart, and your mind, and send a message to those both in power, and who seek it that "We The People" is not just some words on old paper.

    It is the true Power, Strength and Heart of America!

    Gods Bless.
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    I think you did a pretty good job. I was impressed with the depth that you have researched and considered your positions.

    I think that you have the ability to do whatever you choose to do, Kaith. You have shown that you are creative, diligent, resourceful, motivated, and balanced in your approach. I do, however, think you will have a hell of a time convincing the raging American masses that you are ready for the top job, due only in part to your youth. I may be wrong, but I don't think so. Your chances may improve as you get older and wiser.

    Anyway, kudos for dangling it out there. That takes guts.123

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