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    The actual title reads "40 of the most powerful photographs ever taken" http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/most-powerful-photographs-ever-taken

    Now I'll admit that the pictures shown are "powerful" in their story telling and their composition. But "THE MOST" powerful? Somehow when I see a title like this I have strong doubts. A couple of the photos did elict an emotional response from me and I've seen them before. But saying "the most powerful ever" is perhaps one of the most mis-statements ever used.
    There will always be a photograph (staying on topic here) that will either join the list or replace one or the other.
    Some of these photos are fairly new, which is okay. Some I just have a hard time calling "powerful".

    Off the top of my head I can think of several photographs that should've been included or used in this collection. In no particular order
    1. The napalm girl from Vietnam... the one where she's running naked screaming in pain and terror because her clothes had been burned off of her body... made more powerful because it was discovered that it was our bombs that done this to her and her village.
    2. The Hindenburg burning.
    3. The shot of the girl screaming next to a body at Kent State
    4. The black and white photo of the hippie putting flowers into U.S. National guardsmen's rifles during a war protest.
    5. The unknown egyptian soldier at the moment he was hit by a bullet in the 6 day war (?).
    6. Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon
    7. The body of Robert Kennedy being comforted by a busboy in a Chicago hotel kitchen
    8. "The falling man" at the WTC on 9/11
    9. The execution of the vietnamese insurgent in the streets of Siagon.
    10. The well known photograph of a Buddhist priest burning himself alive in protest (again) of the Vietnam War
    11. Photograph(s) of the dead at Gettysburg Pa. after the battle
    12. Lee Harvey Oswald being shot dead by Jack Ruby

    Ah here are some of them... http://www.topdesignmag.com/20-of-the-most-iconic-photographs/
    And some others (some repeats and some shocking imagery caution) http://xaxor.com/other/4644-famous-infamous-and-iconic-photographs-.html

    Anyway... I just hate it when someone says "the most" or "the best" or whatever... Call them Iconic, call them terrific or horrifying or whatever but don't try to make one better than the other... if you say "In my opinion" then fine... just like with my aforementioned list (above).

    yeah I noticed that I called the executed prisoner an "insurgent" instead of a vietcong soldier. Interesting huh?
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    Regardless of any hyperbole in the title, thanks for posting that link. Some really great and poignant pics. I've never seen that shot of the Chinese Tank Man before.123

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