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I wrote this small book on how to make the most of the resources and still get as much potential as possible. It's also my journey from a lookey loo to a fighter and then a trainer in the very first generation of MMA. Not a masterpiece but I'm good with it
Welcome to the forum. You'll find a wide variety of "posters" here: from the serious student of Martial Arts to those that will argue endlessly about the "best style" to learn. Have fun!
Thanks for the welcome message :) I'll watch out for the latter!
Not sure how else to write you on here. Looks like the Wing Chu kicks page got closed for replies but a while back you mentioned having a list/drill or something relating to those 8 kicks plus extra did you ever find it?
I want you to know I dont like your comments on my thread.
Im not obligated to post an opinion I can just pose a question
Don't assume Im looking for a debate
Hello, I didnt appreciate your comments about my posts
You dont understand my perspective on what was said at all

What you did was classic bullying behavior
No respect
Rich Parsons
Rich Parsons
I have disagree.
You coming here could be seen as a threat, or as bullying to leave you alone when we just disagree.
Rich Parsons
Rich Parsons
(* Part 2*)
Perception is reality based upon your own definition of Bothered. You assumed they were bothered so to your perception they were bothered.
Rich Parsons
Rich Parsons
(* Part 3 *)
My perception of you is that you are a troll or someone who needs to step back and read what they wrote and understand that saying it is always someone else being the issue and then claiming being a bullied when called makes you a passive aggressive bully, trying to get people to believe you are something different than how you presented yourself here.
Hope that the leg is healing well and that you are able to continue your practice. Also, thanks for the sky photo's. Wonderful stuff
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Flying Crane
Flying Crane
The leg has healed well. Glad to share the sky photos. I dont often read the new profile posts, I dont really understand what they are.
Updating my status, because apparently I think you should do that at least every 3 years.

Just started as an adventure guide for a zipline tour place. Very physical work and lots of time outdoors. Wish I was currently training so I could see how the activity impacts my MA.
I used Aikikenjitsu my name for practicing and teaching American Kenpo. Aftere a short while, I went back to calling it American Kenpo, my version. It was my kenpo because I did not believe in forms, but only techniques. I teach American Kenpo my way: I shorten the techniques. forms. I therefore shorten techniques and it does not hurt the effectiveness of it at all.
Sifu (Blackbelt)
Puyallup, WA
Everybody poopoos online martial arts but I believe it can be done with the right teacher and the right student. Learning from video is not enough though, you need someone to provide feedback. You might try this place: Arizona Wing Chun Association. If you do, tell Master Bradley that Jon Ferguson from Hapkido-Online sent you. He will take good care of you.