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I am a student of Sijo's from Austin Martial Arts Center AMC. I wish to see and speak with my Father Sink because I have much to share with the the family. Sink if you come across this message please call me at 737-758-8391. I've been searching for you a long time. May I return home?
It should be assumed by all that people who would confront you on the street are they themselves armed.

For us older guys who can no longer toe to toe and punch for punch.. we usually arm ourselves because the concept of being a macho guy no longer holds any fascination.
HI-YAH! My name is Kai Ming and I'm 21 years old! I have a Black Belt in Taekwondo, the best kicking skills in my class, the biggest and most powerful feet in my class, the stinkiest feet in my class, and best of all I get to help my Sensei teach the students in my class Taekwondo skills! How cool is that! Thanks for reading about me! Hope you have a taekwondotastic day! HI-YAH!
I haven't used this website in a while, but I figured I'd update my status. I am now an Orange Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Yellow Belt in Moo Lim Do.
Instructor of a Small Circle Jujitsu club in the south of France in Montpellier city.- since 2011
Hi everyone. I'm new here. Can anyone tell me how to edit my profile info? I just signed up and it has me as a white belt.
Dirty Dog
Dirty Dog
The belt system is an indication of how much people post, not actual rank. It will change based on your activities here.
Hello, I learned hoon chow from Alfredo Vigil in Denver 20+ years ago, and would love to see any videos you have of it. Would you please share with me also?
An amateur programmed this - there ARE no colored belts in Chinese martial arts. Anton Geesink (Dutch) invented that for his judo students.
Dirty Dog
Dirty Dog
Actually, the belt ranking system was instituted for Judo students by Kano in 1886. It was introduced in Europe by Kawaishi in 1935 when Anton Geesink was still wearing diapers. But since the belt system here is a representation of how active you are on MartialTalk and has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever rank you may or may not hold, your comment is just silly. One might even say amateurish.
I'm sure you're right, I wasn't alive back then, but I did have a collection of Geesink's books, so I naturally assumed he started in Nederland. Chinese used to have a button system in the Ching Wu school, which Alan Lee styled his own Chinese Kung Fu Wu Shu Association after. He taught many styles, and now has 50-year students, incredibly skilled and knowledgable practitioners. It pays to stay with a great master.