The Knee Saga – discovery

I have been having issues with a hard click (aka dull thump) when I walk, and sometimes it is audible. I am working on strengthening the muscles to help prevent this, and it is helping, but I discovered something. I have known for years that my hips were set back a bit further than they should be, which makes my natural walk a bit duck footed. Also, I am physically unable to bring my knees to my chest, well I could, but I would have to break my hips.

When something I not right physically I tend to focus on it and try and see what the problem might be and if I can correct it. Doing that with a stomach issue at the moment and so far I have not figure it out, but I’m narrowing it down, however that’s another story…back to the knee

I have walked slightly duck footed for many MANY years, and it is natural for me. However, I discovered that the new knee does not appear to be designed for that and that is part of the problem. I discovered yesterday that if I walk with my foot straight the clicking is much less noticeable and at times nonexistent, but it takes a heck of. Lot of concentration on imply walking. So now all I have to do is retrain myself how to walk….This is going to require me to pay very close attention to how I walk to retrain myself how and where to properly place my foot when walking.

Well, at least this whole knee thing has never been boring….


What the knee should look like


What my knee looks like, only I do not think I have my natural patella


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