Well Some of you may have read in some of my posts on the Forums that I am a Police Officer. For the last few years Ive been assigned to an Undercover Unit and as a Narcotics Detective. Its been about 4 years or so since the last time I wore my uniforms. Well April 1st was my first day back in a Uniform and I discovered they were VERY tight. I guess 4 years of sitting on my butt in a car or behind my desk, eatting fast food, working strange hours and spending alot of evenings in Bars doing surveillance has caught up to me to the tune of about 67 pounds. I gained 67 pounds over the last 4 years thats pretty sad. I didnt even notice it really. Just kinda creeped up on me. I always boughtbig baggy clothing to hide my gun so I never really noticed they were getting tighter and tighter. Or maybe I did notice but ignored it. So I decided to Order P90X and give it a try. It arrived the other day and I started it today.
My plan is to give it 100% track my results and see what this program is all about and if its worth the money.

Day 1 Chest and Back and Ab ripper X

89 days to go lol.

i just completed the workout and Im def a little sore in my right elbow but all in all it was a nice workout. I did it in the morning and I have 3 hours of class tonight at the Dojo so Ill see how I hold up this evening.


Well Last night was a treat at the Dojo. We decided today would be a good day to do 5 sets of max push ups until failure each time and then continuous sparring for 45 min changing partners every 2 with a 45 second rest period between sparring. My butt is worn out today. Ill hit up day two disk this morning sometime.
Well day two done Plyometrics. I can def see doing that a few times can improve my kicking power and speed. 88 more days.
Day 4 I didnt get to post but I did the Yoga DVD last night that was long, boring, and painful. Felt pretty good afterwards nice and streached out. 86 more days.

Ill be doing Day 5 in the next hour or so Legs and Back plus Ab Ripper again.
Day 5 done. Sure is alot of leg training so far in these DVDs I guess it makes sense they are big muscles so the stronger they are the more calories they need the faster you loose weight.

oh well 85 more days.
P90X is a very good program I found! Keep it up! But I do not think I could do that and combine it with Dojo sessions too...I found the P90x sufficient - Of course we love our martial arts, so we can't let that go either.

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