Opening a Dojo

I want to open a dojo. I know what I will teach and how I will teach it but I don't know what business knowledge I need to have. Additionally, I never stuck around at any dojo long enough to get my black belt because I quickly surpassed everyone and saw no reason to stay. I have great skill but no belt or certificate to show for it which for some reason is important to people. The questions I need answers to are these:

1. What business knowledge do I need to open and maintain this dojo in terms of management, finance, and anything else I may be missing?
2. Will my lack of a black belt and young age deter people from frequenting my dojo?
3. If I need a black belt, how could I go about getting one relatively quickly?

I will answer any questions you may have in a timely fashion. I realize that this is a lot to ask with not much to go on and I will do my best in aiding you in aiding me and I will contribute everything I can to the site in the meantime. Thank you for your time and assistance.


Well if your making up your own style I guess you can buy and wear whatever color belt you want. I would just let people know up front your not teaching any set style your making up your own so they dont think they are learning Wing Chun from you and then move to a new town and start attending a new Wing Chug school and discover they dont really know it at all.
That's not what I'm doing. I'm teaching those other things individually as different individual classes and my own thing separately, identifying the things from which it draws. You don't think people will want proof of my ability such as a belt or sash or whatever people think determines martial worth?
(If I sound arrogant or condescending I apologize. I'm really not trying to come off that way, nor do I have any right to).
i spent one year at half to learn shaolin kung fu in china,i also plan to open a martial arts club in my hometown,It Is what I have devoted my life to,that would fullfill my dream to persue my passion for martial arts, I learnt shaolin kung fu Tai chi, qigong, meditation, and Many martial art forms
1.firstly,you need to be a good master
2.then,the masters and training you offered must be high quality. learn something from other great kung fu,the shaolin kung fu school China i stayed opened very successfully,hope that infos is helpful for u

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  • Opening a Dojo
    I want to open a dojo. I know what I will teach and how I will teach...