Night One ...

I arrived 30 minutes early to enroll the parents in my program and though all received directions to enroll with me directly and NOT the center, one parent did try to enroll with the TKD instructor, the man I saw at the counter complaining that there was another martial arts class that would interfere with his business.

The girl at the counter agreed - "Oh definitely, we'll have to take care of that right away; you shouldn't have anyone interfering with your business, that's just not okay."


So I sallied up to the counter ... in my uni sans belt (he was in full uni) and asked if I could answer any questions regarding the ongoing rental. They both saw the patch and the uniform and got wide-eyed, asked if this would be an ongoing rental ... yes ... who am I again ... gave my name ... who approved the rental ... the facilities manager and city council. Oh. ;)

So I told him I was continuing the existing clientele that have been there for years and am providing a community service by teaching a class made up largely of learning- and developmentally-challenged children. He asked if I was the instructor who was there before, so I told him I was slated to replace her in her retirement but ... "you took our spot."


We agreed that we could teach side-by-side there without conflict nor active competition and with respect (rather I said it and he said, "yes, of course") and I told him if there was anything I could do for him, let me know and good luck.

He looked stunned. Never heard of hwarangdo.

I got everything straightened out with the parent who mistook his class for mine and had to clear the room of tables and chairs, but we had a good class. I worked out *with* the kids and they seemed to like that - motivated them, I hope. I think my daughter (assistant) and younger son both enjoyed returning to training and ... interestingly ... both were out of breath and sweating while the other kids were cool and nonplussed.

Sad note: Meg strained a hamstring - enough to fall down and require crutches. :( So much for showing off.

Teen class - one girl showed up, clearly an Asperger's or Sensory Perception kid - very sensitive and *very* powerful. She got a private lesson, as it were. She's been a white belt since October 08. She has test anxiety across the board and is more than ready.

All in all, a fun night.


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