Columbia Martial Arts Academy

Yeah, I stuck with the "CMAA" theme for the school name.

I have most of the alumni returning and may have one new kid - who used to take TKD. That will be a challenge because his old style will be right next door when he trains with me.

One returning child is rather autistic and used to have a one-on-one volunteer aid through the inclusion program at the community center. The facility manager shared with me that this boy has been "kicked out" of every single other program there and this is the only class he's been able to be successful in. He swears the boy has been violent and frustrated ... I have yet to see this when subbing and the prior instructor swears she never saw any sign of this whatsoever.

So ... I have a business license now and have decided to go with an LLC type business. Next, the appointment with the business attorney and advertising!


Sounds promising, and my hat is off to you working with an autistic child. I have a special needs son, and while he is not autistic, he has unique obstacles. Teaching him is a joy.

I have a great deal of respect for anyone who works with special needs kids, so as I said, my hat is off to you!!


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