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Feb 13, 2010
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Please allow me to introduce… Wing Chun Illustrated. WCI will be a professionally-made magazine dedicated to Wing Chun practitioners of ALL lineages.

Each bi-monthly issue will have 56 full-colour pages. The magazine will be available in DIGITAL and PRINT-ON-DEMAND (POD) formats.

The magazine’s Advisory Board and staff writers are among some of the most respected instructors in the Wing Chun community today. Readers can expect exclusive content that is both genuinely informative and incisive, and a magazine that aims to make use of the new technologies that are available for the digital format.

For more details and to follow the progress of the magazine and its website, visit our recently launched Facebook page (you don't need to have a FB account to access the page):

If you have a FB account and want to help SPREAD THE WORD, do so by clicking the “Like” button. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Eric Lilleør
Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine

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