the youngest muay thai champion


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Oct 19, 2009
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guys who want to be a real champion have to learn from him.
he is just 12 years old,and started to learn muay thai when he is 6.
now got 74 wins out of 80, according to the news

Chatploy S. Boonsawat stands on the boxing ring in Bangkok, capital of Thailand, Oct. 20, 2009."I want to be a national champion of the Muay Thai (Thai traditional boxing)!" Chatploy S. Boonsawat told the reporter. If not seen, it is difficult to link the 12-year-old boy with dark skin and runty body to the four champion belts and the record of 74 wins in 80 games. Behind these glories, sweat, tears and even blood flow in Chatploy's six-year Muay Thai career.Under a highway in Bangkok, there is a squared circle on which Chatploy S. Boonsawat is practising kicking. "I take him here to practise Muay Thai after his class from Monday to Friday," his father Pisut S. Boonsawat said. Each training, Chatploy's obligatory courses are including 3,000-meter running, 1,000 high kickings, 500 swing blows and 100 situps.

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