The Tai Chi Gala 2010


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Sep 13, 2006
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brothers and sisters,

I will be presenting a selction of workshops at the Tai Chi Gala 2010 which is hosted by Loretta Wollering, who was the last lineage student of Master Jou Tsung Hwa.

The Tai Chi Gala will be held in Albany, NY.

Come out and support Chinese Martial Arts!!

I will be teaching these workshops at the Tai Chi Gala:

Iron Palm Power Standing Power -- w/ Shifu Dale Dugas
Shifu Dugas is known for his iron palm & iron body skill, as well as for his potent dit da jow iron palm liniment. But many people dont know the right ways to go about training for iron palm/iron body power or how to use the special herbal medicines and qigong that go along with the practice. Other people are mistaken that this is a practice only reserved for martial arts combat practitioners. Truth is, that iron palm/iron body methods are also phenomenal for bringing endurance and vigor to ones health, and that massage therapists or other body workers can make their hands, body and energy much stronger, thus greatly improving their healing practice. Come see how the rarely seen qigong methods of iron palm can be added to anything you practice. Learn how this can develop your internal connection, strength, speed and endurance.

How to Make and Use Your Own Dit Da Jow Liniment -- w/ Shifu Dale Dugas

Many Chinese herbalists, bodywork healers and iron palm practitioners recognize Shifu Dugas dit da jow products as being the best and most potent available, both in the US as well as across the globe! This is because Dugas hand-selects all the herbal ingredients and bases his recipes on years of study and secret formulas from this branch of Chinese medicine. In this workshop, youll learn how to make one of the secrets of Chinese medicine that helps heal injuries and condition the body. Shifu Dugas will share one such highly guarded formula. Hell dissect it and explain how you can make it even stronger. If you wish, he will have these rare supplies available for your purchase so that you too, can make your own potent bottle of dit da jow for martial or healing use.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Come say hello!