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Jan 3, 2018
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Glad to hear the knee is doing a tad better Xue. My knee has been playing up for the last couple of years... most times I've been able to rehab it pretty well. But it still goes through phases and is in the middle of a "grumpy phase" at the moment... so I recently have been looking into collagen peptides. The research seems promising regarding joint/cartilage/muscle/tendon/ligament health and a heap of anecdotal reviews of people's results... bought some recently (hydrolyzed collagen peptides) and plan to go 10 grams daily. Will see how that goes, but definitely look into it all those who are interested.

I'm never a fan of quick fix supplements etc, but in conjunction with a proper overall plan and longer term rehab strategies I think it can be extremely beneficial to tackle it from multiple angles.

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