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Feb 12, 2007
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I wanted to write an article that would greatly benefit all.
I would like to speak about what in Qigong and Chinese medcine calls the three treasures or three orgins known as San Bao or San Yuan. The first in this series and one that is over looked is Jing.
Jing means essence. When speaking of the three treasures it is orginal essence or Yuan Jing. We inherit this essence from our parents were it is stored in the Kidney area. There are 2 types of Jing Prenatal as mentioned before and Post natal which is inquired from substances we put into our body such as food. We are born with a set amount of prenatal Jing however we can accumlate more postnatal Jing. When we loose all of our Jing are body dies. It is said if Jing is kept in its place and Shen(spirit) is rasied then Qi will also be plenty. Now that we have covered the basis of what Jing is where it comes from and what happens if we loose it now is the time to know how we loose it and ways to stop it from leaving. We loose Jing in many ways. The most common way for males is to much sex. Sex results in the Jing to leak out and become transmutated into the substance known as Semen. Other methods included being overly stressed and fatigue and being exposed to cold drafts in which the Jing-men (essence door) cavity the Jing leaks outdue to the cold air being Yin and the Jing being Yin as well. To much Salt can damage the kidneys thus harming Jing as well as Fear. In the Yellow Emperor's classic Qi Bo(Yellow emperor's teacher) explains the different methods and items related to the Kidneys and other five organs. Now How do we keep are Jing in its place?
Firming is called Gu Shen in this case it refers to exercises to regulate the essence(Tiao Jing).
One method is keeping the Jing men cavity which is located in the back warm during cold weather. This is similar to what Japanese when ill wear a Hara-maki(stomach wrap) to keep the kidneys warm and Dan-tian warm two key methods for over rall health.
Second method is massaging the Kidneys in a circle motion towards the Kidneys bringing heat to them. The idea is using the Laogong points which is a cavity related to Yang and fire balances the Yin and water of the Kidneys.
The third method involves the Yongquan or bubbling wells located in the center of the foot. This belongs to the Kidney channel.

Fourth method involves regulating sex and losing Jing.

These are but a couple of methods related to the Kidneys and Jing. Different schools have different exercises to strengten the Kidneys such as six sound and six color exercise and certain stretches.

I hope this presents a better understanding of Jing and its importance in Chinese energy work.


sources: oral transmission from my teacher(J.C.) ,The yellow Emperor's classic-Maoshing Ni, The roots of Qigong-Yang Jwing Ming ,The complete healing system of self healing-Stephen Chang,Taoist yoga-Charles Luk ,Taoism-Eva Wong ,Practical Chinese medicine-Penelope Ody.

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