Systema seminar Roanoke, VA


Lloyd Robrecht

The Roanoke Syatema Group (RSG) will be hosting a seminar Feb 11th and 12th 2006 with senior certified instructor of Russian Martial Art (Systema) Emmanuel Manolakakis. Mr. Manolakakis, in addition to being a senior student of Vladimir Vasiliev, is director of his own school of Russian Martial Art in Toronto Canada.

The theme of this seminar is "Directing the Flow of Conflict". Mr. Manolakakis will be instructing you in the use of relaxation, balance, and movement to instantly take control of an attacker. We will be working with escapes and counters from grabs, holds, locks, and strikes. We will explore all aspects of knife fighting, multiple attackers, and use of the stick/baton in fighting situations.

The underlying priciples of this seminar and Mr. Manolakakis's expertise will be of absolute bennefit to any and every martial artist regardless of age or skill level. come experience something new and Join us for 2 days of great training.

For seminar and cost information please contact Lloyd Robrecht at or 540-312-9832.

Best Regards