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Jonathan Randall

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Jan 26, 2005
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Support Western Martial Arts and Martial Talk! MJS, MT Senior Moderator, put it best:

"Bob Hubbard, the owner of Martial Talk, had a dream of creating one of the best Martial Art forums on the web. He, as well as his staff, have put in a huge amount of hard work and dedication to making this site one of the premiere sites on the net, with a wide variety of topics to suit every Martial Artist. In addition to the forum itself, there are other added features, such as a photo gallery and a video arcade to name a few.

This goal however, was not cheap and certainly not easy to create. In addition to the people behind the scenes, the many members of this forum, have turned this site into what it is today!

Because there are a large amount of Kenpoists (for this forum, Western Stylists, lol) on this forum, I'm asking those of you who haven't done so already, to consider becoming a SUPPORTING MEMBER. For $15.00/yr. its a great value that includes a wide assortment of benefits, which can be found here:

Please join us in keeping Martial Talk the premiere martial arts forum on the internet. Sign up today!

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Thanks. BTW, I was a member for a while before joining the Premium Club. Best $15.00 spent ever! - Jonathan