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Ian Kinder

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Mar 23, 2005
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Southeastern Michigan USA

Live Safe Academy, LLC is proud to announce our new Advanced Training Series for Livingston Gun Club in Brighton Michigan (Livingston County). This series that will consist of three 8-hour programs that you can register for separately or in combination. If you register for all three workshops at the same time you will save $75.oo. That's only $300.oo for all three events! They are:

SHARP WEAPONS ON SATURDAY, 2-16-08: This program will present no-nonsense, "real world" solutions to violent, life or death altercations. This performance-based class is designed to develop life-saving skill with minimal training. The skills taught are time-tested, relevant and easy to learn and retain under stress. You will learn how to properly carry, conceal and rapidly deploy folding knives, pen, stylist and other common sharp weapons. Topics will also include weapon selection, principles of sharp trauma and statistical considerations regarding the use of sharp weapons.

TARGET FOCUSED SHOOTING - FORCE-ON-FORCE ON SATURDAY, 2-23-08: This TFS workshop will teach you how to shoot effectively under realistic conditions. Most assaults are spontaneous, high stress, low light, close range and quick. The statistical norm is to be attacked by one to three assailants, multiple assailants being the rule not the exception. The majority of gunfights begin within 5', most of these begin within 2'. The vast majority of gunfights begin within 10'. Under these circumstances, you need combat proven methods that are based on physiological and psychological responses to survival stress, gross motor movements, natural / common motor skills and real world conditions like rapid movement.

In addition to the skill development inherent to all firearm-training programs, this program will incorporate interactive, man-on-man shooting exercises using protective gear and Gas-Blowback Airsoft training guns. You will also have an opportunity to participate in combat simulations, allowing you to test your skill and judgment against interactive assailants under realistic conditions.

UNARMED COMBAT ON SATURDAY, 3-15-08: Most assaults are sudden and unexpected. The statistical reality is that even when armed, we may not be able access our gun in time to respond to a threat. Combine that with the facts that even those who are authorize to carry often don't, that the law prohibits being armed in some areas, and that many assaults don't justify the use of lethal force and it becomes obvious that we all need effective unarmed combat skills... realistic skills that are easy to learn and retain.

You don't have to spend years training in an expensive program to defend yourself. This no-nonsense, performance-based course will teach "real world" methods for everyday people.

All details are posted on our website. To obtain the information online go to and select "Course Schedule" from our sidebar, then scroll down to the date you want. To open the attachments, you will need Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can obtain it free from our site by scrolling to the bottom of our sidebar.

We hope to see you soon! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Stay Safe!

Best Wishes,
Ian and Paula


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