Self Defense Training is NOT martial art or combat sport training.


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Nov 21, 2007
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Self Defense Training is NOT martial art or combat sport training. In fact, it is more like firearms training than anything else.

Martial arts and sports teach you to concentrate on extreme specifics and subtleties. You are constantly aware of your training partner or opponent and your reaction is VERY target and situation specific. This is not the case in Self Defense.

When you use firearms you're more concerned with the distance and position of your threat and less concerned with exactly what your threat is doing. You're concerned with ending the situation as fast as possible. Since you are trained to assume the WORST (your attacker is armed, has intent and has friends) you KNOW what you are going to do. You just need to adapt your skills to the situation.

Proper self defense training teaches you to develop specific motor skills and how to apply them to a any situation. The point being that you need to concentrate more on what you do and less on what your assailant does.

With a specific set of high percentage, proven techniques you will have the tools to handle any situation. Lets take three basic techniques: the edge of hand, the chin jab and the eye gouge. If trained incessantly, honestly and intensely for a even a short period of time you will have something real in your arsenal that you could apply successfully standing, on the ground or in a grab.

Using a firearm is similar. After you understand the fundamentals of firing the weapon, you learn to apply those fundamentals to any situation. You're less concerned with what your attacker does and more concerned with how you can put rounds into him and stop him in his tracks. Self defense requires the exact same mind set. You're looking for anyway to hack, smash or gouge your assailant to end the threat as quickly as possible.

Self defense doesn't waste time with a million "what if" questions. It focuses on the "How to" solutions.
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