Season 1 Episode 8: William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu

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Aug 4, 2001
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Land of the Free
Episode 8: William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu

William Wallace Team: Kieron Elliott[13] (Highlander Weapons Expert), Anthony De Longis (Blade Master)
Shaka Zulu Team: Earl White (Zulu Stick Fighting Master), Jason Bartley (Zulu Combat Expert)
William Wallace Weapons: Claymore, Ball and Chain, War Hammer, Targe, Dirk
Shaka Zulu Weapons: Iklwa, Ishlangu, Iwisa, Zulu Axe, Spit of Poison

William Wallace Shaka Zulu Advantage
Close Range: War Hammer Zulu Axe Zulu Axe
Mid Range: Claymore Iklwa Ishlangu Claymore
Long Range: Ball and Chain Iwisa Iwisa

Special Weapons: Targe Dirk Spit of Poison Targe Dirk

-The War Hammer was impressive as it smashed one skull and impaled another in under two seconds. The Zulu axe managed to chop up a leg of beef. The Zulu axe had more range and deadly fast slashes to boot, earning it a close win.
-In a stunning display, the Claymore decapitated three meat heads in one swing and cleanly cut into the Zulu Ishlangu shield. The Zulu responded with lightning slashes of the Iklwa, managing to slice up a pig and pierced a sample of unrivited chainmail, but the range of the claymore and its stunning display of lopping off three heads proved to be the deciding factor.
-For long range the Iwisa throwing club was paired against the ball and chain. After missing the target on the first two tries the ball and chain successfully shattered an ice dummy. The Iwisa, meanwhile, shattered a glass plate and two glass orbs. The accuracy and range of the Iwisa earned it the win.
-Special weapons brought an odd pairing as the Scottish Targe and Dirk were tested against the spit poison of the Zulu. The Targe and Dirk, as a combination, proved deadly with the long spike of the Targe able to puncture a gel torso's heart and the Dirk managed to stab through the torso's neck and cause deadly paralysis. For the Spit of Poison test, Jason spat in the face of the dummy and it proved to be a valuable distraction tactic, but the results were too questionable to give it the win as the Targe and Dirk won out.

Simulation 8

This battle takes place in a new African savanna environment with Wallace gazing upon the landscape from a rock. Wallace finds Shaka running, perhaps from a recent battle. He sees Shaka as a threat and throws his Ball & Chain at him, but Shaka dodges it. Shaka throws his Iwisa, but it is deflected by Wallace's Targe shield. Wallace pulls out his War Hammer while Shaka pulls out another Iwisa. The two clash and Wallace stabs Shaka in the leg with his Targe. He tries to strike Shaka again, but, not surprisingly, he dodges it with his amazing agility. They clash again and Wallace strikes Shaka's Iwisa out of his hand. The two men taunt each other as Shaka pulls out his Iklwa. They clash again until Shaka kicks Wallace away, but he returns and trips Shaka. He is about to dive at Shaka with his Targe, but Shaka rolls away and Wallace gets his shield's spike lodged in the ground. Wallace is forced to ditch his shield, but then he cuts into Shaka's Ishlangu shield and disarms him of it. Wallace unsheathes his Claymore and Shaka pulls out his Axe and Iklwa. In the battle, Wallace makes Shaka fall to the ground, but Shaka slices his leg and runs away. Wallace throws a Dirk which Shaka blocks with the Iklwa and he prepares his spit of poison. As they meet on top of a high rock, Shaka tries to spit in Wallace's face, but Wallace turns his head away and it misses. As they clash, Shaka slashes Wallace, but his attacks are rendered useless because of Wallace's chainmail. Wallace slashes Shaka's back, but Shaka counterattacks by stabbing Wallace in his side, wounding him. Shaka jumps in the air to finish him, but Wallace regains his strength and holds his Claymore upward, causing Shaka to impale himself on it. Shaka dies as Wallace lets out a victory cry.

Overall Winner: William Wallace

Interestingly enough, the battle focused on not a single warrior class, but two of history's most determined and most ferocious generals of very different societies. Wallace won a clear victory as his Targe & Dirk combo were decidedly more lethal than the Spit of Poison by a huge margin, while the other 3 weapons were closely matched. In long range weapons, Shaka's Iwisa Club was given the edge over Wallace's Ball and Chain, due to the latter's questionable accuracy, but neither weapon truly proved to be effective in the simulation as they had a cumulative total of only three kills - one for Wallace and two for Shaka. The superior ruggedness of the Targe shield was another deciding factor in the battle as the comparable Ishlangu was unable to defend effectively against the steel weapons of the Highlander.

William Wallace Shaka Zulu
Overall Kills: 621 379
Close Range: War Hammer: 65 Zulu Axe: 70

Mid Range: Claymore: 319 Iklwa: 307

Long Range: Ball and Chain: 1 Iwisa: 2

Special Weapons: Targe/Dirk: 236 Spit of Poison:0

Gaius Julius Caesar

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Jun 25, 2009
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Woodbridge, Va
Let's see a half nakid man with stoneage tools for the most part vs. an Armourd Scotticsh Knight? ( Walacwe did not fight in a Kilt and shirt like Mel Gibson, the man was a Knight , there would be at least chainmale and a helm. )

I guess the Scotts would be owning South Africa about now.


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Nov 18, 2005
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One on one? The Scot has the edge in weapons technology and access to good steel.

If it were war my money would absolutely be on Chaka Zulu. His troops were highly trained, superbly disciplined, adaptable and tough. He started off with nothing, no troops, no allies, just a loincloth, a spear and his brain. He designed his weapons, developed strategy and tactics to a high degree and went on to create the Zulu nation and carve out an empire. He is widely counted as one of history's greatest generals by all the military historians.

Consider that his grandson Cteswayo using the same "Stone Age" weapons and "half nekkid" soldiers gave the British with bayonets, professional soldiers, horses and rifled firearms the fight of their lives.

There's also that pesky terrain. William Wallace has a choice. He can die of heat prostration and dehydration or he can lose the damned armor. It's pretty much the same choice the Crusaders had to make. On foot, by himself, in a place an awful lot hotter and drier than he's used to he is at a terrible disadvantage. Chaka Zulu didn't have any stupid ideas about "fair" fighting. If he thought that pasty-*** umYurobhu was dangerous he'd run him around Robin Hood's barn and kill him, probably from behind, when he was dried out and exhausted.

Chaka Zulu for the win, no doubt about it.